A dram of pure bliss, this whisky selection covers every palate and purpose. It intrigues those who seek finesse and sheer distinction amongst their contemporaries.

Alcobrew London Oak Whisky is a symphony of two blends in a dram. It is a whisky with a unique twist. Especially crafted with imported scotch and Indian malts married with superior grain spirit. There is diversity in its flavour.
Experience the soul and spirit of London in every sip. From grain to glass, the whisky production passionately combines traditional methods, expertise and an absolute commitment to quality. The whisky, matured in its unique sherry seasoned oak casks, delivers rich complexities, harmonious flavours, and vibrant aromas. It is unique as it offers a sensorial journey of two distant lands.


Sunlit barley colour. Slightly peaty.


Captivating notes of fruity fragrance.


Subtle touch of orange and curry.


A full body, smooth finish.


  • Alcobrew London Oaked comes in the standard size of 750ml, and 180ml


  • Exports: Niger, Ghana, Rwanda, Congo