1835 -The birth of a legend
The rich, smooth taste of Old Smuggler was established in 1835. It is blended from the finest Scotch whiskies in the tradition of the 18th century smugglers who risked their lives to share its taste with their loyal customers throughout the Islands.

Due to the import barriers, Old Smuggler started production from Argentina, keeping the characteristics of the Scotland whisky. The high quality of imported malts gave it the certification of the SWA (Scotch Whisky Association). Old Smuggler thus gained consumer approval and with a terrific fan following, it became #1 selling scotch in Argentina.

Old Smuggler reached a record production of 4.5 million bottles a year. By the end of decade, it was the most selling whisky brand in Argentina's history.

Aniko Szabo, a plastic artist, designed five big paintings to set in the La Biela cafe, one of the most traditional cafes, located in Recoleta neighbourhood. 

After four years, Old Smuggler hired one of the best designers of the time, Julio Freire, to draw the billboards of La Biela. Freire thought up the billboards like bar windows, and drew a typical bar, looking through a window.

The production process
Old Smuggler is a blended whisky, elaborated from Scottish malts, and very good Argentinean spirits. The origin is Scottish, but the workplace is Argentina. The process respects the traditional Scottish method and is aged in French and American oak barrels.
Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky is owned by Gruppo Campari, Italy and is distilled and blended in Scotland. In India it is manufactured & marketed by Alcobrew. It comes in individual hand-crafted lantern shaped bottles and is touted as the Robin-Hood of blends. It is the perfect drink for those who are defined by their free spirit and their unadjusted, independent & liberal nature.