First bottled back in 1835, Old Smuggler Scotch is a special blend of the finest whiskies. True to its name, it pays tribute to the 18 th century smugglers who used to risk their lives to share its magical taste with loyal customers throughout the Scottish islands. It is a perfect companion after a day’s hard work or on a cold night.

This complex delicately blended scotch of over 40 malts is exceptionally smooth and a drink with a rich history. Considering its global appeal, the brand is well acquainted amongst whisky enthusiasts. Old Smuggler has a very bold, scotch taste. You don’t need to sail across seven seas to get a bottle of this scotch, you just need to fill your glass at home and enjoy it.


Pale golden tone.


Light wood with a slight play of sweet lime.


Sweet malty taste with a hint of spice.


Strong Lingering finish.


Old Smuggler Scotch comes in the standard size of 1000ml, 750ml, 180ml and 60ml


  • India: Civil and CSD markets