Pause to celebrate every milestone. Every achievement. Raise a toast with a blend that doesn’t make you blend in. Warm, smooth, peaty and with a bit of spiciness, it elevates your senses and inspires you to keep relishing the spirit of life.

With an impressive blend of matured malts and the finest grain, it makes for extraordinary company. The spectacular aroma, the perfect balance of floral and fruitiness and the lingering taste in every sip, makes this whisky truly legendary.


Golden Brown with a shade of dominant gold


A perfect balance of a sweet medium fruity fragrance and an aromatic smokiness.


Great mouth-feel of sweet honey and distinct vanilla.


Rich and smooth.


  • White & Blue comes in the standard size of 1000ml, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, 90ml and 60ml


  • India: Civil and CSD markets
  • Exports: Nigeria, Ghana, UAE

Special Packs